Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

You Know that Ra1 Edu Tech Pvt Ltd. is a home online tutoring marketplace for “Online Classes, Recorded Lectures and Home tuitions” and will facilitate through its platform and other resources finding for you such students as who want Online classes, Recorded Lectures and home tuition in your area of expertise.

You guarantee that you can provide quality online face to face English instruction / tutoring via Ra1 edu tech platform and that you are fully qualified to offer such services on the basis of your education, tutoring skills and / or work experience.

You agree that Ra1 edu tech shall not be held liable for any cost directly or indirectly arising from, related to or associated with my use and upkeep of your computer, the Internet, video conferencing, hardware, software, or any other related means or materials related to delivery of my tutoring services.

You concur to raise an invoice on the parent for an amount equal to the price of delivered tuitions at the end of each calendar month. In case, there is a dispute between you and the parent regarding the number of tuitions delivered, you agree that we will be the final arbiter on the matter.

As an Instructor/Teacher, you understand to follow with all applicable laws, exercise of professional competence, care, skill, diligence and prudence as is usually exercised by professionals.

You may have information proprietary to Ra1 Edu Tech Pvt Ltd.. You Know and agree that confidential information so received will only be used by you for the gain of Ra1 Edu Tech Pvt Ltd. and for the use of providing tutoring.

You agree to compensate Ra1 Edu Tech Pvt Ltd. from and against any and all claims, causes of action, and liabilities (including reasonable attorney fees) which arise directly from breach of any applicable law, for your negligent or willful misconduct.

You Know and agree that the relationship between Ra1 Edu Tech Pvt Ltd. and you will not be considered as an employer and employee relation.

You be aware of that the final decision to select a particular student for Home Tuition is yours and yours alone.

You Know and agree that you will teach the student if and only if at least one parent is present in the house.

We will not responsible for any inconvenience, miss happening by the parents.

You understand that All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

You understand that if you agreed to take an assignment, you have to complete it. In unavoidable circumstances you have to give minimum 15 days’ notice period.

You have to arrange demo class within 48 hours of receiving details of Tuition. If this does not happen due to any reason, you have to inform us immediately.

Tutor Registration can be cancelled without notification on: - 1. Any misconduct to the Client or us. 2. Consecutive Failure of 3 assignments by any reason. 3. 4th chance may be considered in specific circumstances. 4. Absentee for a long duration without notice. 5. Diverting from the above rule.

You agree that Ra1 edu tech reserves the right to make changes to its website, its services and the terms and conditions that shall govern its services at any time, and You hereby fully accept these and any future terms and conditions.